About Us

Established in 1999, Wise Information Technology proudly introduced AutoAction©, a specialized software designed exclusively for used car dealers in Texas. Developed by a former dealer, its unique features resonate with and are appreciated by professionals in the industry. The software’s intuitive design ensures a seamless learning curve for our dealers.

AutoAction© comprehensively addresses aspects from inventory acquisition to sales and finance, effectively streamlining business operations while ensuring strict compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives AutoAction© to offer the finest dealership management software and service tailored for independent car dealers in Texas.

Our Mission

Use our technology to help you make your business more reputable, professional and profitable

Our Vision

Use our technology to help car dealers maximize profit and minimize risk by enabling them to…

Our Spirit

Our love is reflected in our passion for what we do, our appreciation for colleagues, dedication to customer care, and nurturing strong relationships with integration partners.



Our Leadership

Ramzi Sabra

CEO, President

Bill Miller

Executive Vice President