AutoAction is the Dealership Management Software Made Specifically For TEXAS Dealers!

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OCCC Compliant

One of the most important factors in having a successful business is to keep your business organized and compliant with the rules and regulations of the state. AutoAction streamlines your business and maintains compliance with the OCCC! We are happy to assist our customers with applying for the OCCC license!

Flexible Configuration

AutoAction can be configured as a desktop application or a cloud-based application. These options are available for you at any time!

Customer Service

We take pride in our powerful customer service. We are available to you 6 days of the week and always prepared to answer all your questions about AutoAction or your dealership operations – all for free!


We strongly believe that dealers should take the time to be trained in the automotive industry. AutoAction provides a free weekly training class for all AutoAction customers and encourages to network by attending conferences that support the automotive industry.

AutoAction Features

Inventory Management

AutoAction keeps track of your inventory, reconditioning costs, floor
plans, GPS devices, and more. At AutoAction, our desire is to prevent the hassle of managing
your inventory by giving you the proper tools to be efficient and make strategic decisions
regarding your vehicle status and value.

Sales Management

AutoAction allows you to make a deal with little effort. Whether you are running a quote or making a sale, entering the customer’s information, the vehicle of interest, and the terms of the deal are a snap! We understand the importance of making deals fast, accurate, and efficient to the benefit of both the dealership and the customer.


AutoAction knows that collections are a crucial source of revenue for your dealership. We make it possible for you to track payment schedules for each sale, enter and edit single or multiple payments, and provide an audit trail of each individual payment made.


AutoAction takes pride in our reports for inventory, sales, payments, taxes, insurance and many more. We strive to always provide you the most up-to-date reports needed to keep your business compliant and successful!

What People Say

David Karanja

I am new customer with them (3 months to be precise). I really appreciated a “check on you” courtesy call from Leslie. I felt nice and will follow up on a few pointers she mentioned that can help my dealership.

Houston Auto Emporium & Staff

We here at Houston Auto Emporium would like to thank you for being such a great form of support for our company during this tough time during this pandemic. Please take all necessary steps to keep your staff and their families safe & healthy. Because without you all, we couldn’t be what we are today.

Thrifty Motors

AutoAction suits our dealerships’ needs.

Ella Blvd Motors

AutoAction is tops!

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