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About us

With 20 years in the used car dealership business, our track record speaks for itself. We specialize for used car dealers in Texas only which is why our customers love us. We designed the used car dealership management software so intracately and precisely with you in mind not only to keep you organized but so you would be OCCC Compliant. This way, when you are audited by the state, you would have absolutely nothing to worry about! When you sign up for AutoAction, you’re really signing up for the peace of mind!


Salvage Dealer or Rebuilder?

Our used car dealership management software has a place for salvage and rebuilders too! We know the importance of this part of a dealership and want to make it easy and convenient for you to use! We care about your dealership.

Low Cost

AutoAction is affordable for new small used car dealerships. We want to keep your dealership in business. The owner of the company used to be a Texas used car dealer and knows that the lower the expenses, the better! We are here to see you succeed and we will do anything we can to make that happen!

Configuration Options

AutoAction can be installed on your local computer or accessed in the cloud. We know that you may not be at the dealership all day and want access to your information.You can check it on a computer anywhere – at home, at the auction, on vacation (not sure why you’d need it on vacation) but we are here for you!


Our sales team attends each of the TxDMV seminars all over Texas! We’d love to meet you at the seminars when we go – it’s a pleasure to run into our customers or any used car dealers! We also attend the TIADA seminar in the summers and hope to see you there!


You will be audited – there’s no question about that! But are you ready? Do you think that your current system can help you pass your audit? No worries – many of our customers have passed the audits with flying colors! Check out our Google reviews searching for AutoAction Wise Information Technology!

Easy to Use

Since the company owner was a Texas used car dealer, you will see that the used car dealership management software makes sense to you! We believe that in order to know what you want, we have to experience it. Based on what I’ve seen, our customers find the software easy to learn because it’s basically second nature.


Our amazing customer service team is available 6 days a week – 9 AM to 6 PM, except Sunday. We want you to feel comfortable using the software and enjoy working with you and your team to make you guys experts! We also know that your team may not be tech savvy experts – we are happy to help you get to know your way around a computer too! We are just a phone call away whenever you need ANYTHING!


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Check out more information on their website!


For over 35 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. They were a pioneer in the now exploding alternative credit data space and as such have refined their products and services to deliver true business value.


Credit and Decisioning

Powerful tools for smarter credit scoring and decisions.

Bank Verification

Will the check clear? Is the account information accurate? Know for sure!

Payment Solutions

Reduce returns. Protect your business from ACH fraud.

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Click here to get started with RouteOne.

Products for Dealers

Products for Finance Sources

Finance and Sell Vehicles Your Way

Unify Your Vehicle Sales and Finance Channels

Get Support When and Where You Need It

Integrate Seamlessly with Your Systems and Partners

Designed by Dealers for Dealers®

Control Your Sales Process

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Free OCCC Assistance

Who Do You Call?

Call our support team during work hours and we would be happy to help you for free! Please note that you need to be a customer of ours in order to use this benefit. If you sign up for our special yearly deal, we’ll help with the OCCC license at no additional cost.

What Does AutoAction Do For You?

We will take you step by step on how to apply for the OCCC license. We will go above and beyond to help you get your license as soon as possible!

How Long Does It Take?

To finish the application, it takes typically 1 to 3 hours to apply, depending on the complexity of your business, who is involved, and the documentation readiness. To receive your license, there are a few factors that could delay your license, such as past history and additional questions. We usually see a turnaround of 4 – 6 weeks.


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Click here to take advantage of special pricing available exclusively to AutoAction dealers.


700Credit focuses on delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions on the market today.​

Low Cost

AutoAction dealers receive special pricing on credit reports and compliance that can save them money over what they are paying today

One Source

Manage credit reporting and compliance from one system


700Credit report delivery times are among the fastest and most reliable in the industry because they utilize a Tier One hosting provider


Complete systems redundancy – 700Credit doesn’t go down


700Credit’s suite of fully-automated compliance solutions ensures that your dealership remains compliant with federal regulations so you can focus on what you do best: selling vehicles.


700Credit will ensure that your team is fully trained in how to use credit, compliance and soft pull solutions within AutoAction. Every Install comes with a quick start guide to walk you through the process.

Webinar Series

As part of our partnership with 700Credit we are proud to announce their Educational Webinar Series which provides timely and relevant content on important issues around credit and compliance in the automotive industry.  The webinars also feature industry expert guest speakers in Digital Marketing and Retailing, Fin-Tech to support important topics.

700Credit’s experts have spoken at all major industry shows, most recently at the DealerSocket User Summit, in addition to hosting webinars and events in collaboration with NADA and other industry players.

Popular Educational Webinar Topics

AutoAction Setup Required

Carbonite - Backup Service


Business Benefit

Real-Life Scenarios

AutoAction Setup Required

Please give us a call when you are ready to set up your computer with Carbonite's back up service.


We offer to back up your AutoAction data as well as other files on your computer. Whether you are working in the cloud or locally, we can customize your back up to work for your dealership.

Check Out Carbonite

Visit the Carbonite website for more information. Let us know if you have any questions and we will direct your question to our contact.