Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoAction©?
AutoAction© is a Dealership Management Software (DMS) that helps used car dealers to run their business efficiently and professionally in a manner compliant with federal as well as state rules and regulations.
What does it mean when DMS software is labeled: ‘OCCC’ compliant? And what if it is not OCCC compliant?
The software calculations for the APR and the payments have been reviewed by the OCCC and found to be correct. Not having been reviewed for compliance may not mean it is incorrect, just that the OCCC has not reviewed it. The dealer may not have the same confidence in a system that has not been reviewed. AutoAction© has been reviewed and is OCCC compliant.
What is the greatest money and time saving feature of AutoAction©?
For BHPH dealers, deferring the sales tax is the best option Texas dealers have. With this option dealers may transfer titles immediately without paying all of the sales tax. This is a great tool to improve the cash flow for your business and to cut down on the sales tax loss for repossessions. AutoAction© makes it easy for dealers to structure sales tax-deferred deals and also generates a report of the sales tax amount due each month.
How do AutoAction© customers rate your ‘customer service’?
AutoAction© customers appreciate the quality of service they receive from our tech support. We understand they require immediate response and that is why they get a live person when they call for help. AutoAction© strives to be the best!
How does AutoAction© help with collections for BHPH?
AutoAction© prepares a list of all past-due customers which can be sorted by largest amount late, most days late or by name. AutoAction© keeps track of promises to pay and keeps a record of all collection efforts, and it can also set warning messages on specific customers with pop-up screens. Through AutoAction© you can also prepare late letters to selected past-due customers as well as mailing labels.
Can AutoAction© report to the credit bureaus?
Yes, AutoAction©, for an extra fee, can report customers credit information to the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.
Does AutoAction© track cash payments in excess of $10,000?
Yes - AutoAction© keeps track of excess cash payments and can generate and fill out the IRS form 8300, along with a letter to customer.
How About Insurance? Does AutoAction© know when the customer’s insurance expired?
Yes, when you enter the customer’s insurance information, AutoAction© can warn the dealer that the insurance has expired. AutoAction© can also generate a report that shows a list of the customers whose insurance expired or is about to expire based on the date entered. AutoAction© can also generate letters that can be mailed to customers with expired auto insurance.
If you choose ‘Outside Financing’ on some of your sales, what are the benefits of AutoAction©?
AutoAction© makes it easy and fun to structure an outside finance deal. With the “Sale Price Calculator” AutoAction© can help you meet the lender’s call and show you the inventory that fits the call. With AutoAction© it is easy to keep track of your front-end and back-end profit and the salesmen commissions
When you are ready to print the documents for a sale, does AutoAction© provide ‘user ease’ to select the reports?
In many systems the user must select from a long list of forms whenever he/she needs to print a document or report. AutoAction© smart printing knows automatically which contract to use for each lender and sends it to the right printer. With AutoAction© you can print contracts either on an impact, ink jet or a laser printer. All sales documents including the Title Application and many other required forms can be printed with one simple click.
Software vendors say they have features of ‘ease of use’ and ‘user friendliness.’ What does that mean to the dealer?
The ease of use features are: easy and straight forward to navigate from one function to another, easy to enter data from field to field, and related subjects are grouped together - not over several screens. It uses the language of the dealer, not computer words, and custom reports are designed to fit the dealer’s needs. AutoAction© is dealer friendly!
What is ‘Related Financing’ and why would I need it?
‘Related Finance Company’ is a term that is used for a company that belongs to the same dealer whose sole function is to buy his notes. Generally, it is beneficial for dealers with more than a million dollars in receivables and can result in significant savings on income tax. For an extra fee, dealers will have the ability to set up these related finance companies as well as the ability to sell notes and keep track of sold accounts.
Can your system track the GPS tracking devices?
AutoAction© collects the details and serial number of the tracking device and assigns it to the selected vehicle. This allows the dealer to quickly review which device is in which car. In addition, AutoAction© is also integrated with a GPS provider. With this integration, the dealer will be able to manage features such as entering kill codes and extension codes through AutoAction©.
What are some of the benefits of using AutoAction© to the auto dealer?
There are several - 1) OCCC compliant: When the OCCC audits a dealer, using AutoAction© makes it easier and quicker for the auditor to conduct his audit. It also gives the dealer confidence in doing his business right and that the contracts and the finance charges are calculated in accordance with the state and federal rules and regulations like those enforced by the OCCC. 2) Collections: For BHPH dealers, collections are the lifeblood of profits. AutoAction© helps in all phases of collections which makes it extremely important to the dealer. 3) Tax filing: With AutoAction© filing the monthly Vehicle Inventory Tax and the State Sales Tax becomes an easy task.
How does AutoAction© handles repossessions and does it have repossession letters?
AutoAction©© offers a comprehensive way to repossess vehicles. With one click the account will be removed from receivables and the vehicle will then be added back into inventory. AutoAction© has the five repossession letters from Mike Dunagan’s book that were obtained with his permission. Mike Dunagan is the attorney for the TIADA. AutoAction© also keeps track of the collection to principle ratio in order to warn dealers whether to use the “Strict Foreclosure “ letter or not.
If I am using Tracker Suite, can my data be transferred to AutoAction© ?
Yes, for a low fee all data can be transferred from Tracker Suite into AutoAction©. It can also correct the transferred balances to match the OCCC calculations by lowering the last payment amount to reflect the correction where needed. AutoAction© can also generate letters to active and paid off customers to inform them of the credit or refund they are receiving with an explanation.
Why do the software vendors charge for an initial license fee and a monthly license fee?
AutoAction© is developed, supported and owned by Wise information Technology, Inc. It is the method in today’s environment to license the software verses selling it. This prevents the user from having the right to copy the software and then giving or selling it to another user. The license fee also covers the user with necessary customer support and updates.