Our Mission For Reputable Professional Profitable Dealers

Dealer Education Seminar

The 6th Annual Dealer Education Seminar hosted by Wise Information Technology was a very profitable time for all who attended. It was a full day complete with a broad variety of presentations ranging from compliance issues to profitability considerations to input on how to take better advantage of AutoAction© software. Our mission is for dealers to be reputable professional and profitable using our technology.

Our President and CEO, Ramzi Sabra started the seminar by welcoming our dealers, the government agencies and our integration partners. He announced that the year 2020 marks our 20th anniversary and gave thanks to all our customers for their loyalty and faithfulness all these years. Ramzi stated the he believes that it is Jesus Christ who made AutoAction© what it is today. He then welcomed and introduced Ryan Winkelmann of BJS Autohaus and one of our customers as the emcee of the event.

After that, we were brought up to date on current compliance issues with outstanding presentations from Nayelli Sandoval and Hunter Owen, Financial Examiners with the OCCC, David George, Chief Investigator with the DMV, as well as from Steve Levine, who is Chief Legal and Compliance Officer with Ignite Consulting Partners. All of this served to help our dealers better understand what is required by the State of Texas to conduct business according to the laws in place.

Our audience also had time scheduled into the day to speak with numerous vendors onsite who were able to offer a variety of products ranging from GPS tracking devices, to funding for potential deals to checking credit as well as other services too. All of this gave our AutoAction© users a better idea of things they can do to improve their current profitability—something all dealers would like to be able to do in this very competitive market.

One of our vendors Michael Jackson, Founder of Auto Search Technologies, gave a very impressive presentation about social media, and how people—especially Millennials—make purchasing decisions. This was helpful for many of us who do not keep up with these well known marketing trends that others have been observing for some time. This in turn can be helpful for dealers as they try to engage this particular age group in our culture as they purchase cars.

A big highlight of the seminar was a dealer panel moderated by Ryan Winkleman of BJS Autohaus. On the panel were Eddie Gonzalez of Mega Motors, Eddie Richards of Legacy Trucks and Cars, Samantha Hornstein of A-1 Used Cars and Dinora Rodriguez of Munoz Auto Sales. Different questions were posed to the dealers by Ryan, as well as by the seminar attendees regarding various issues they have to deal with in running a successful business. This was especially helpful as each person present was able to better understand the successes and struggles of actual dealers, and how they can grow their own dealerships in a right and proper manner.

Ramzi made a very helpful presentation of some pertinent items in AutoAction© that can help the dealers be more knowledgeable in their use of AutoAction©. More specifically he covered the repo letters in AutoAction© and when to use each one. Ramzi went on to show how AutoAction© is now integrated with Goldstar GPS, which many dealers are currently using. He also explained the newest feature in AutoAction© where mass emails can now be sent out from the Past Due Accounts and CRM section, as well as all the forms needed for a particular deal.

Ramzi also spent time showing some very helpful items related to Repay and credit card processing. These include the ability to have a customer pay online in the privacy of their home. To make things easier, customers can be scheduled for auto pay, if they wish. Furthermore, we now possess the capability to have convenience fees charged for people who phone in or pay online. And finally, he showed how AutoAction© is integrated and ready to go with Web Dealer, provided a dealer has currently signed up with them.

Our attendees enjoyed the different presentations and gave us great feedback about the seminar which we hope to build upon next year. We are hoping next year will be even better! We hope our dealers to be reputable professional and profitable after attending our seminars! Check out our previous seminar here!

Yours truly,
Stephen Watts

Special Thanks to the OCCC and DMV for joining us!

Questions Every Used Car Dealer Should Know!

These are the questions a used car dealership should know! When running a dealership, we recommend to take a step back. As an independent used car dealer, you are required to maintain a good standing relationship with state rules and regulations, with your staff, and with your customers. Based on our experience with our used car dealer customers, we found that reviewing the information below helps your dealership grow. Be more aware of your business and make intentional decisions. The dealership world is moving fast but take your time. We are here to help!

Will I pass my audit?

AutoAction is OCCC compliant and has helped used car dealers pass their audits! Let AutoAction help you pass your audits with no worry or stress. Our team is here to help you succeed.

Am I overcharging my customers?

A happy customer becomes a returning customer. Overcharging a customer can hurt you in audits and in your relationships with your customers. We want to make sure your deals make both you and your customers satisfied.

How much have I spent on reconditioning costs?

Your reconditioning costs can grow over time! With AutoAction, keep track of your reconditioning costs. When determining the sales price, make an informed decision with the costs in mind.

How can I keep track of my BHPH vehicle insurance?

Insurance is important to make a successful deal. AutoAction helps you track insurance and keeps you on top of it!

How can I keep track of my collections?

When money is in play, make sure to keep track of it. Using AutoAction, we have a cashier drawer as well as a collection panel that will allow you to receive, track, edit and manage payments!

How can I improve my sales process?

We take pride in our sales screen. Our all in one form allows you to add a new customer, create and select the inventory, set up the deal, print the reports, and see your profit and loss! Instead of a lot of computer mouse action, there’s a lot more deal action.

What is my closing ratio?

Of all the people that come in and ask for a quote or show interest, how many of those people become actual paying customers? Find out using AutoAction! Returning customers is important to staying in the business!

Am I handling a repo correctly?

Repos are a headache when you don’t know what you need to do! AutoAction has all the reports you need to do a repo. Our staff is also available to help you review the letters if you have any questions!

How many repos have I done this month?

Keeping your repo count low is beneficial for success. The point of your used car dealership is to sell cars, not to collect! AutoAction helps show you your count so that you can make a change in your dealership.

How can I apply for an OCCC license?

When you’re ready to apply for your OCCC license, we are always ready to help you…FOR FREE! That’s right! We not only want to see our customers’ business grow but want help in any way we can! Give us a call if you need help!

How do I train my staff to use a DMS?

Not everyone loves computers – but we definitely do! We are here to help you and your staff learn how to use AutoAction on your computer. 

Is there a used car DMS custom made for Texas dealers?

Yes!! AutoAction!!! We are a custom built used car dealership management software BUILT by a TEXAN for Texas used car dealers!!! We understand your business and want to help you grow and succeed.