THE Used Car Dealership Management Software

About us

With 20 years in the used car dealership business, our track record speaks for itself. We specialize for used car dealers in Texas only which is why our customers love us. We designed the used car dealership management software so intracately and precisely with you in mind not only to keep you organized but so you would be OCCC Compliant. This way, when you are audited by the state, you would have absolutely nothing to worry about! When you sign up for AutoAction, you’re really signing up for the peace of mind!


  • We assist you in applying for your OCCC!
  • We offer FREE weekly training for all customers!
  • Our support team helps answer any questions in regards to the software!
  • We are aware of the many rules and regulations for your used car dealership and are open to discuss or direct your questions!
  • Don't stress over an audit! Your used car dealership will pass if you use AutoAction!
  • No need to look like a hot mess - we can keep your dealership organized and looking good!
  • Print your sales reports in one click! All of our reports are up-to-date with compliance - ready for you to print at any time!
  • We stay ahead of the game as we keep you up-to-date with the latest version of AutoAction for FREE!
  • You may quality for FREE data transferring!

Salvage Dealer or Rebuilder?

  • We provide required salvage disclaimers!
  • Complete and print Rebuilt Affidavit
  • Puts your Salvage License Number on the 130-U when selling Salvage Titled Vehicles
  • Provides the Application for Title Only (VTR-131 and 130-U)
  • Manage Salvage and Retail Sales in the same system
  • Salvage Sales Tax Reports

Our used car dealership management software has a place for salvage and rebuilders too! We know the importance of this part of a dealership and want to make it easy and convenient for you to use! We care about your dealership.

Low Cost

AutoAction is affordable for new small used car dealerships. We want to keep your dealership in business. The owner of the company used to be a Texas used car dealer and knows that the lower the expenses, the better! We are here to see you succeed and we will do anything we can to make that happen!

Configuration Options

AutoAction can be installed on your local computer or accessed in the cloud. We know that you may not be at the dealership all day and want access to your information.You can check it on a computer anywhere – at home, at the auction, on vacation (not sure why you’d need it on vacation) but we are here for you!


Our sales team attends each of the TxDMV seminars all over Texas! We’d love to meet you at the seminars when we go – it’s a pleasure to run into our customers or any used car dealers! We also attend the TIADA seminar in the summers and hope to see you there!


You will be audited – there’s no question about that! But are you ready? Do you think that your current system can help you pass your audit? No worries – many of our customers have passed the audits with flying colors! Check out our Google reviews searching for AutoAction Wise Information Technology!

Easy to Use

Since the company owner was a Texas used car dealer, you will see that the used car dealership management software makes sense to you! We believe that in order to know what you want, we have to experience it. Based on what I’ve seen, our customers find the software easy to learn because it’s basically second nature.


Our amazing customer service team is available 6 days a week – 9 AM to 6 PM, except Sunday. We want you to feel comfortable using the software and enjoy working with you and your team to make you guys experts! We also know that your team may not be tech savvy experts – we are happy to help you get to know your way around a computer too! We are just a phone call away whenever you need ANYTHING!

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