Leslie's Leaving

Leslie has resigned from the team but we will miss her cheerful attitude and sweet heart. We wish her the best luck in all her endeavors!

Aref Joins The Team

Aref has joined our sales team this year. He is eager to learn, speaks 3 languages, and has a great heart for people. Looking forward to what the future holds with Aref!

RockIT DMS: Inventory - Part 2 Complete!
RockIT DMS: Inventory - Part 1 Complete!
Rami Joins The Team

Rami has joined our sales team this year. He is a quick learner, great at working in a team, and comes up with great solutions for our team problems. Looking forward to what the future holds with Rami!

Celebrating Christmas Together!

Beyond a doubt, 2020 proved how helpless and vulnerable we all are. Rapidly, the whole world came to a halt. The world, with all its wisdom, stood in shock with no answers to explain what was happening. Around the globe, economies were collapsing, people were losing their loved ones, and everyone were adapting to unimaginable lifestyle adjustments. This year proved we are not in control and that we cannot put our trust in man alone. Who is trustworthy? Who can save?

Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.” Luke 2:10-12

This Christmas, there is a worthy birthday to celebrate; to remember the birth of the Savior especially in the challenging times now and to come. With great joy, peace and love we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Celebrating Stephen Watt's 20 Year Work Anniversary!

This year we celebrate Stephen’s 20-year anniversary working at Wise Information Technology supporting AutoAction. Many of you, if not all, have worked with Stephen and known him and his sincere desire to serve our dealers. We want to recognize Stephen this year for his loyalty and his dedication to his job. Thank you, Stephen for your commitment, faithfulness, and love. We are all blessed to have you. Congratulations for your outstanding achievement. We are looking forward for many more years of working together.

RockIT DMS: Roles & Permissions Complete!
RockIT DMS: Corporation Setup Complete!
RockIT DMS: Contacts Complete!
First Integration Video Created!

Thanks to our wonderful marketing and sales team, Erick and Leslie, we are happy to announce that a new video showing our integration with Repay is out for our customers! The Lord is so good and He works on our skills to provide such wonderful content. Thank you, Jesus!

First How-To Video Created!

In just one month, Lord equipped Leslie with the mind and skills to produce the very first training video for our customers! Our team (Erick, Diane, Shahad, Ramzi, and Leslie) was able to deliver the information needed for our customers to take backups before Hurricane Laura hit. The Lord did it right on time! May the Lord continue to bring out more training and marketing material. Click here to view the backup video blog!

RockIT DMS: Users Complete!
Leslie Joins The Team

Leslie has joined our team as the customer success specialist. She is eager to serve Texas dealers with her knowledge and background in customer service. We believe she will be a great asset in our company. May the Lord bless her and the work she provides to the team.

RockIT DMS: Sign up Process Complete!
RockIT DMS: Server Setup Complete!
RockIT DMS: Conversation Begins!

Jesus has opened the way for us to begin our web application! We have see the Lord work through our team and all those who are involved. We are blessed to see the Lord at work.

RockIT DMS: Data Modeling

To begin building a solid web application for our dealers, we were able to give time to setting up the data model. While the looks are important, the data needs to be organized in a way that give you the best experience overall. During corona, we were able to set up the data model and begin our awesome web application project!

7th Annual Dealer Seminar

Our 2020 seminar was great opportunity for us to socialize with our dealers and our partners. We are blessed to have this opportunity to build relationships with our fellow businessmen. May the Lord bless each one and their future and families!

Carl Changes Careers

Carl is the son of Ramzi’s partner, Bill. Carl was our sales manager for 8 years and we are sad to see him go. Over the years, he provided excellent knowledge of the auto industry – basically a walking Google of the auto industry from processes to compliance! He has decided to take an opportunity at a church as a pastor. May the Lord bless him and his family!

Erick Joins The Team

Erick started with us by creating our business cards. Due to his expert skills in graphic designing and communicating, we believed Erick would be a great addition to the sales team. Since he’s been with us, he has proven to show his passion for the dealers to be successful in many ways such as reaching out constantly, checking in on them, and giving them great advice. May the Lord guide him and bless him and his family!

New Website Deployed

We are proud to announce our new website! With the help of many, we deployed our new modern website. We pray that our website meets your needs and answers your questions! We’d love to get your feedback.

6th Annual Dealer Seminar

We always enjoy seeing our dealers and our integration partners. What a blessing it is to come face to face with those who have changed our lives! May the Lord bless each one and their families, business, and futures with the Lord!

Diane Joins the Team

After working for 5 years in consulting, Diane decided to pursue her passion in development with us (her dad’s company). Using what she learned in her previous work experience, Diane brought over many important changes that the business needed in order to grow. We appreciate her work and pray that the Lord continues to bless the work of His hands through Diane.

Shahad Joins the Team

Shahad has been a joy to work with over the years. She shows diligence in her work, love of the customers, and ability to follow through her dreams. She has been a great asset in the support team and are so blessed to have her with us. May the Lord bless her and her family.

Ken Joins The Team

Ken is our AutoAction software developer. Thanks to him and our development team, we are able to get out cool and needed features for your business! May the Lord bless Ken and his work!

Initial AutoAction Deployment

The first product of Wise Information Technology was deployed! We have a few of our first customers still with us to this day! We are so pleased to serve Texas dealers for over 20 years now!

Stephen Joins The Team

Stephen is currently on the support team. He’s been a long time family friend (his father was a part of bringing Ramzi to Christ) and we are pleased to have him with us for all these years. He is very skilled in working with our customers by giving them the best support and training. His support is always on point and our dealers recognize his many talents that the Lord has given him.

In the words of Stephen…

In the summer of 2000, I was working as a fine jewelry salesman for a department store chain.  My prospects for advancement were not very good. That fall I asked my old friend and former employer, Ramzi Sabra, if I could do some extra work for him telemarketing to used car dealers about a software he was beginning to develop.  This was a tremendous experience as I soon realized how hard this type of work was.  My hat will always be off to the men and women who do this for a full-time living!! I realized telemarketing was not going to be a good long-term fit.  My strengths are more in customer service and education.  So I began to phase into that part of the company.  I got into this with almost no knowledge of computers and software.  The leadership was very patient with me and this has thankfully turned into a full-time occupation for almost 20 years. I am grateful to God to be able to work for an outstanding company, and to be around some really smart and talented people, who truly care about our customers.


Wise Information Technology Founded

In 1999, Ramzi decided to close down his dealership, AutoAction, and build a company called Wise Information Technology. With a rough beginning, the Lord has shown His faithfulness to His children. We really believe our company would not be here today if it weren’t for the Lord’s guidance and hand of protection of us. Our company strives to help dealers succeed in their business through the skills that the Lord gave to those on our team. May we continue to see the Lord working in our business and in yours!