Why AutoAction

Start on the Right Track

Keep your business organized and compliant
One of the most important factors in having a successful business is to keep your business organized and compliant with the rules and regulations of the state.

AutoAction© makes it simple to align your business and maintain compliance.

It will organize your business by customers, inventory, and sales. New dealers as yourself will be looking for a program that can help you do these things.

AutoAction© has proven to be a top-notch program for those new in the car business.
Guidance and assistance
Since new dealers are not familiar with the practices of the car business, AutoAction© staff is available to correctly guide you and your business by offering help when dealing with situations or opportunities that are made known to you.

We are prepared to answer your questions with our knowledge and especially, our experience.
AutoAction© is willing to spend time with you to introduce you to our software.

Our staff will be more than pleased to offer you hands-on demonstrations on how to use the program. We train dealers to manage their inventory, make sales, print correct documents at sale time, receive payments and track customer accounts, and show helpful reports to measure the their performance.
Business Consultation
Whether you are new to the car business or an experienced dealer wanting to expand your business, AutoAction© can provide you with helpful guidance to develop and implement services and business strategies for your dealership.

Continue an Efficient Operation

Multiple Locations
Are you interested in expanding your business to operate in multiple locations? Are you a large dealership and already have multiple locations?

AutoAction© offers a solution to easily manage your inventory, sales, and reports.
Related Finance
AutoAction© has a special related finance (RFC) feature that enables our dealers to sell accounts to a sister company.

AutoAction© gives dealers the right information and tools to select accounts that are qualified based on profit-to-principle ratio.

AutoAction© also prints required notifications to customers regarding the sale of the accounts.
Advanced Collections
AutoAction© combines many tools for collection that help dealers keep customers up-to-date.

Accounts can be assigned to collectors and AutoAction has versatile tools to sort and group past-due accounts in an easy to way to track all collections.
Efficient Integration
AutoAction© has a variety of integration partners that bring you a wide array of services to help make your business more efficient. Visit our "Partners" page for more information!

Stay Compliant with Rules and Regulations

Accurate Finance Charge Calculations
AutoAction© accurately calculates the taxes, fees, payments, amortization, and finance charges. OCC Compliant tested and proved through their audits that AutoAction © has accurate amortization calculations for finance charges.

AutoAction© generates all the required documents needed at the point of sale that are all printed on plain paper. No special papers or forms are needed.
Sales Tax and Inventory Tax Calculations
In regard to in-house finance, AutoAction© keeps track of payment distribution, payoffs, manages receivables, past-due accounts, contracts in transit from banks, insurance expiration, and numerous reports.

The reports include sales tax and inventory tax. AutoAction© will train and educate you on how to utilize your resources to stay within compliance.

With our experience with past audits and the things to look for, we help dealers to know need to be put in place correctly organized to be ready for an audit.
Legal Letters and Documents
AutoAction© offers legal repossession letters options as advised by Michael Dunagan, attorney for the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

Past-due letters and insurance reminder letters are also included in AutoAction©.

All state-required documents are made available by a click of a button at point of sale in AutoAction ©.