-Manage and track all vehicle inventories
-Track inventory cost, reconditioning expenses and vendors
-Track multiple floor plans and relative charges
-VIN decoder automates accurate vehicle data entry
-Image processor resizes and stores multiple vehicle pictures
-Web module uploads all inventory to your Website and commercial Websites
-Prints 'Buyer Guide' window display form for as-is warranties
Accounts Receivables (In-House Financing)
-Manage your In-House finance accounts
-Sell and manage loans to your other lending companies
-Receive payments and print receipts noted by employee name, date and time
-Track After-Sale charges
-Track late payments with collection module for promise to pay, follow-up with reminders and several reports to assist with collections
-Mail late payment notices with mailing labels
-Repo letters (requires Michael W. Dunagan's book 'Texas Automobile Repossession')
-Manage tracking devices
-Provides for easy customer 'Quick Quotes'
-Accurately specify APR rates, down payments, deferred payments, payment frequency, payment amount and number of payments for variations to fit the customers' needs
-Provides for several financing options: cash, in-house financing (sales tax deferred or advanced), and outside financing or wholesale
-Easily pulls and stores Credit Bureau inquires
-Prints all state approved point of sale forms including title transfer, contract, bill of sale, buyer's guide, agreement ot arbitrate, power of attorney, plus many more
-Inventory Tax Reports
-Profit and Loss Reports
-Floor Plan Reports
-Inventory Reconditioning Cost Reports
-Inventory Status Report by date
-Sales Tax Deferred Reports
-Cash Flow Reports
-Vendor Payable Status Report
-Accounts Receivable Analysis
-Aging Report
-Report yearly customer accumulated cash transactions over $10,000 for IRS form 8300
-Many more useful reports